Val Levine’s entry into the world of music was anything but by the book. Growing up as a figure skater, her musical knowledge was through her experience as a dancer.  


Val started ice skating at age four, and by age seven, was turning heads as an upcoming athlete to watch. She competed throughout her youth, graduated college with a degree in dance, then spent years on the pro ice show circuit, including a season touring with 'Ice Capades'.


Val loved skating, but recalls joking once about wishing she could have been a country western singer. An absurd and random thought from a Jewish girl from Brooklyn who didn't even own a guitar. When she eventually began coaching young skaters, she learned that one of her students had a dad who owned a guitar shop and off she went to make a purchase. And so the story of this singer - songwriter begins here. 


Since then, Val has released a full length CD entitled "Paper Romance" and three subsequent single releases which can all be found on most mainstream music platforms. Her most recent tracks taught some of the best players in Nashville, where she has been spending several months out of the year.  


Levine's sound is creative, cool and all her own. "Nothing cookie cutter about this songwriter" one listener reports. "She sings what's in my head...." says another, "... a little hidden treasure. "